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As part of Reimagining Galashiels we want to run a series of workshops for those of you living and working in and around Galashiels. The purpose of the sessions are to identify priorities for sustainable development and where best to locate these. The work builds on design projects by graduate design students.

What? We use projects that have been undertaken by students to help shape a debate around what your priorities are. We use this work to provoke and widen our horizons and to think ambitiously. At the end of the workshop we hope to have a clear set of priorities for the kind of sustainable future that will transform the Central Borders. We are running this first workshop in early September.

Where? The next stage is for us all to consider and sites and locations where we can really make a difference to the town. Using large scale maps and visual aids, we can start mapping out a future in the timescale of a few hours.

How? We will take the findings of these workshops and use them to present a public exhibition as part of the Creative Coathanger Festival taking place in the Borders in September and October.

Want to be involved? – please complete your details here and tell us how you’d like to take part.

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